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link-24 Connect    You can create connections via shared; visions, ideas, causes, compassions

monitor-24 (1)  Monitor    You can monitor in real time exactly where contributions are being used and track the progress & impact of projects worldwide

document-24 Resume    You can build a CV based on a proven and confirmed track record of positive impact and skills

arrow-59-24 Positive Impact    Everything you do on the platform is oriented towards making a positive impact

key-24 (1)  Preferences    You define preferences of what/whom you want to access

wallet-24 (1)  Personal Data    You decide how your personal data is used to create value for you

add-user-24 (1)  Invite    You can invite others from the CV-4D Network to view and collaborate with you on your ideas
talk-24  Be Invited    You can be invited to other’s Idea Labs to mentor or contribute

documents-24  Profile    You can develop your profile within the CV-4D Community


arrow-241-24 Marketing    Your company can combine your marketing efforts with causes you support to more efficiently create a positive impact while creating awareness for your brand

conference-24  Products    You can crowd source new products with built in marketing content/options

moderator-24 (1)  Mentors    You benefit from mentors and guidance to help them realize your goals

banknotes-24  Income    You can generate income from participating & doing good

angry-24  No Advertising    You do not have to deal with on site “in your face” advertising

private-24  Secure Data    All your data is stored on secure servers in Switzerland

user-24 (1)  Roles    You choose your role and area of focus in the community

map-marker-24 (1)  Impact    You can explore the Impact Map and see where good is being done and by whom

network-24   Network    You expand your network of positive people, companies and non-profit organizations

get paid


sell-24  Store ⁴D    You can sell your products and services on CV-4D’s Store ⁴D

research-24   Market research    You can get paid for participating in market research surveys

ribbon-4-24   Innovation Contests    You can receive rewards for contributing to Innovation Contests

globe-24   Non-Profit projects    You can work on non-profit projects for compensation


chess-4-24  Gaming    You can make money playing games

thumbs-up-24  Promotion    You be paid for promoting other products and services

conference-call-24  Community Promotion    You can receive payment for promoting to your community

bank-2-24   For-profit projects    You will receive compensation for working on for-profit projects


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